“May our exploration voyages never end.”

Paul W├╝hr, writer 1927 – 2016
Abandoned gold mine exploration


Thanks to the Exploratory and Speleological experience of the members of our Team, we can go into caves and abandoned mines of your territory, in order to discover and document what is found in areas with a low level of security.
During the explorations we use the most modern lighting and progression systems to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
At the end a detailed report will be produced, indicating the development of the cavity, the critical areas, shafts, descendants, flooded areas, any finds and their position in the complex.
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Access & Logistic Support

We take care of providing you with the support you need, to create outdoor or underground base camps and we take care of the organization of multi-day expeditions, which include both transfers to reach the location and the entrance.
We also provide logistical support to access underground environments, through exploration planning, supply of the necessary equipment, and guidance within the complex to carry out scientific, mineralogical or other research.
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Hypogee Mappings

Using the latest generation tools and equipment such as multisensor laser distance meters and laser-scanners, we create hypogeal cavity maps with millimeter precision.
The result is the plan, the section, and the three-dimensional relief of the inspected cavity, including the areas with difficult access.
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Finds recovery

The mines that have been abandoned and forgotten for centuries often hide rare, unique finds with a great historical and cultural value.
With due caution, equipment, and experience, can be recovered even from the most difficult environments and then exhibited in museums, exhibitions and private collections.
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Photos, Videos and Documentaries

In our team we have a professional photographer and videomaker who has years of experience in photography in underground and natural environments.
We realize photos, video / drone footage, and even documentaries in the highest quality for museums, exhibitions, channels and television stations. Contact us to find out more.

Mineral Research and Identification

Thanks to the thirty years of experience of our geologist, specialized in the search for minerals and gold both in the mine and outside, we are able to understand the geological history of the area, the formation of the rocks and the minerals they contain. In-depth prospecting allows us to obtain all the data necessary to create maps and document with scientific method the presence of any new mineralogical species or mineral deposits.

Structural Stability Checks

With the experience of our team’s Structural Engineer, we can carry out in-depth inspections in abandoned mines, with the aim of understanding the health state of the tunnels and evaluating any consolidation works, necessary to make them accessible to a wider public.
In compliance with the stringent regulations in the field of civil engineering, at the end of the verifications, a report will be drawn up with the results, which will be certified and usable for future projects.

Location Search for TV and Film Services

Finding the right underground setting for a Film or TV report requires specific experience and knowledge of the underground environments and dangers.
We can identify the suitable location based on your requests and the scenography you are looking for.

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