Il Sasso nello stagno, Antrona’s Gold

Puntata Il sasso nello stagno l'oro di antrona

The discovery by our Team of the Galleria Fantasma had an important echo in Italy and particularly in Piedmont, in Ossola area and Maggiore lake area.
A little later, the local TV VCO Azzurra TV invited us as guests to the weekly program “Il Sasso nel Stagno”.

During the episode, entitled “L’Oro di Antrona”, we retraced the history of the mines and the stages that led us from the first explorations in this beautiful valley to the most important historical discoveries.
Of course we also talked about the lost mine that houses, in its depths, the Ghost Gallery, and why it was excavated and what it was for.
Through videos, the finds found during the exploration were shown and there was also talk of the gold still hidden in the bowels of these fantastic mountains.